Relocation Controller

To relocate players, create a Relocation Controller and a Player Relocator.

  1. Place the relocation controller on the ground, with a 3x4x3 space around it. The missing blocks will now blink, place them.
    • The middle top block can either be gold or diamond, use diamond if you wish to teleport interdimensionally.
  2. Once the structure is built, right click a player relocator on the Relocation Controller and it will show that it is linked.
    • Only one player relocator may be linked to a relocation controller at the same time.
  3. Hold the right mouse button to teleport back to the relocation controller.
    • The teleportation has a cooldown of 10 minutes.
    • The teleportation will only work when the user is on the ground.

Other details about Player Relocation:

  • The player relocator cannot be rebound to a different relocation controller.
  • If in creative, the cooldown will not start, as the cooldown is based on item damage.
Crafting Recipe
DiamondEye of EnderDiamond
Eye of EnderCompassEye of Ender
DiamondEye of EnderDiamond
Relocation Controller