Work In Progress

Note that relocators are still under work, many modules are being added, so this wiki may not always be up to date.

The relocator is a pipe that intelligently routes items within it. It can accept items from most other item transportation systems, and functions much like a buffer. It has the ability to be much more than a buffer, with modules applied to it.

The Relocator will never throw items on the ground, if the whole piping system is made out of relocators. Combining other item transportation systems may cause items to fall on the ground, as relocators will not accept items with no possible destination, and other Relocators have no control over other piping systems item transportation.

Relocators also support Forge Multipart if it is installed, and work with both hollow covers and regular covers.

Crafting Recipe
Iron IngotGlass PaneIron Ingot
Glass PaneGlass Pane
Iron IngotGlass PaneIron Ingot